For a few hours, or the whole day,live in care
Three times a week.........or everyday

Home AngelsHome Angels

we can do a lot of things with you to make life much easier

Take walks
Go to the mall
Rent movies
Read the newspaper
Read mail
Get ice cream
Play cards
Go to the park
Get a manicure
Write letters
Put scrapbooks together
Watch television
Work in the garden
Attend a religious service
Discuss current events
Share recipes
Organize bills
Visit library
Arrange lawn service
Iron clothes
Light house keeping
Errand services
Grocery shopping
Meal Planning
Wash dishes
Take out garbage
Make the bed
Check food freshness
Clean refrigerator
Birthday reminders
Go out to eat
Organize household
Plant flowers
Change lines
Water plant
Pick up prescriptions
Select clothing
Help with gift wrapping
Wash clothes
Entertain friends
Take care of pet
Clip coupons
Go to the post office